Monday, July 2, 2007

We have another bathroom???????

So as many of you know I a have a plethora of home improvement projects that I have started and have yet to finish. I would like to think that it does not take me that long to get anything done but a little conversation between Spencer and Jocelyn made me think otherwise.
Jocelyn and the kids were at Lowe's the other day and as they were walking past the toilet aisle my kids were in awe of how many toilets there were. Jocelyn mentioned that perhaps we could buy a new one and put it in our bathroom once I worked on it some more. I was not there, but I can imagine Spencer's face as he asked with much confusion: We have ANOTHER bathroom???

Yes my friends it has been that long since I gutted the bathroom and have not done a thing to finish it. Spencer was but a wee child of 18 months and to him the room that leads from that locked door (closed anyway, it doesn't have a lock but he doesn't know that) leads to a mysterious world he cannot go into. Much like the wardrobe in the Chronicles of Narnia. To be honest, I also forgot that we had another bathroom. To make sure I remember and you guys can remind me, I am posting a list of projects I have to finish... or if any of you care to volunteer I can live with that too.
Not in any particular order...( because I forgot which one I started first)

1. The master bathroom... yes those are the studs and insulation. At the time of this picture it had been at least 3 or 4 months since I had opened that door.
2. Our back yard... The railroad ties are now gone, but everything else is the same. 3. Patio... See the picture above. I'm thinking about finishing it by the time Jared comes home from his mission.
4. Entry way... The old sheet is to keep the bugs out... or in.

5. - 100. I'll just put these in the misc. category as there are way too many for me to write about. It depresses me... at least it it does when ever I think about it (every 4 months or so).