Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Things you might not know about me

I figure this might be a good topic to start my blog!
3 things I'm afraid of: 1) free fall 2) Roaches. 3) the sound of scary movies.
3 Things that Make Me Laugh: 1) My kids. 2) Stupid people . 3) Good TV comedies i.e. The Office, Boston Legal!
3 Things I Love: 1) The outdoors. 2) Animals (except insects). 3) Babies
3 Things I Hate: 1) Spending Money. 2) Useless meetings. 3) Neckties.
3 Things I Don’t Understand: 1) Math. 2) Why people worry about things they have no control over. 3) Women.
3 Things On My Desk: 1)An empty yogurt cup. 2) A sock. 3) A set of screwdrivers for little tiny screws.
3 Things I’m Doing Right Now: 1)Thinking about buying a bigger lot. 2) Craving ice cream (Spumoni) . 3) Driving Jocelyn crazy with my longer-than -usual hair.
3 Things I Want To Do Before I Die: 1) See my kids have families of their own. 2) Go on a mission with Jocelyn. 3) Learn how to play the guitar or the piano.
3 Things I Can Do: 1)Speak 4 languages (Spanish, Korean, English, French). 2) play ping pong. 3) Talk to anyone
3 Things I Can’t Do: 1)Read music. 2)Cook anything other than scrambled eggs. 3) Work on cars.
3 Things I Think You Should Listen To: 1) Your parents. 2) Your children. 3) Yourself
3 Things You Should Never Listen To: 1) Rap. 2) Gossip. 3) Pessimistic people.
3 Things I’d Like To Learn: 1)How to sing well. 2) Read braille. 3) Speak Chinese or Arabic.
3 Favorite Foods: 1) Chocolate con Pan. 2) Arepas con Coca-Cola. 3) Cheese!!!.
3 Shows I Watched As A Kid: 1) El Chavo del Ocho 2) Mission Imposible (in Spanish). 3) Buck Rogers in the 25 century (in Spanish)
3 Things I Regret: 1) No knowing 20 years ago what I know now. 2) Not saving more money while I was younger. 3) Not taking the kids more places.


Cherie said...

Go Oscar!

Thirstin' for Thurstons said...

i think that you should let your hair grow untill you get dreadlocks!

Eliza said...

Yay Oscar, I think you should encourage my husband to to the 3 things. I thought it was interesting that you want to learn braile...I haven't meet anyone who wanted to learn braile. Let me know how that works out for you.

Carla said...

Devonn's jealous that you know 4 languages. And I'm with Jocelyn on the hair. Is it a mid-life crisis thing? Does your bald spot show when you have hair that's a reasonable length? If everyone shutup about it would you cut it sooner? Anyway, I think you should post more often!

Papa Randy said...

Hey thanks Oscar for taking the time. I really enjoyed your answers. To have such awesome kids you must be awesome too. I love you man. I like short the best. About the length of Nathan's and Spencer's.

karrie said...

Keep it up Oscar... but with Jocelyn and Cherie posting all the pictures of your kids, you are going to just have to talk about yourself! But that's fun too. More interesting sometimes.